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My lifelong involvement in Visual Arts began at age 16 when I left the family farm to work in building construction and developed a deep love and need for artistic expression. At 23, I entered Fine Arts School to formalize my education. After five years of study, I earned a BA in sculpture and painting and developed confidence to find my own way in the Art and Design world. Over the last 30 years,

I have acquired extensive knowledge of many art techniques and perfected my abilities to express concepts and ideas through multiple media and materials. Today, I continue to grow as I experiment with other art forms and collaborate with artists of various expressions.


My Art is conceptual by nature with a strong material quality. Driven by the desire to explore philosophical concerns about humanity and nature, I translate my ideas visually through the use of a large range of materials and meticulous execution.

My main motivation is to create Art that makes people curious: to question and investigate.


For nearly two decades, I have been developing work that raises awareness of the urgent need for humans to reconnect with our Planet, as it faces rampant destruction of the biosphere caused by human greed, disrespect, or neglect. Our solution is to foster mutual respect, care and empathy for our planet and the diverse communities that live on it.


In the series “Ode to Our Planet”, each piece focuses on a simple environmental topic or interpersonal situation. Sometimes blurring up the lines between nature and human to highlight the multiplicity and diversity of possible interpretations. I use symbolism to express emotions and states of mind,with the objective to initiate conversations among culturally and socially diverse groups of people. The intention is to raise awareness on important issues and encourage change in our destructive routines and behaviors. I position my art as a contribution to the global movement that protects our planet and unites people peacefully.


 The making of Art is a passionate process for me; it implies acute understanding of many different materials and the techniques + technologies that assist the transformative work. My work often requires lots of research and experimentation that culminate in aesthetic and lasting form that could be physically experienced






2017  LIFE ON EARTH,  WAH Center, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC


2014  OVER THE EDGE-PAPERWORKS UNBOUND,  WAH Center, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

          Works on paper

2010  LIMITED EDITIONS - UNLIMITED DESIGNS,  Salomon Arts Gallery, Tribeca,  NYC

          Works on paper, sculptures and design products


2009  LIGHT IT UP,  Salomon Arts Gallery, Tribeca,  NYC

          Works on paper, sculptures and design products


2007  ODE TO OUR PLANET,  Gallery En Ce Moment, Brooklyn NYC

          Works on paper and sculptures


2007  SCORE,  The Curb Art Space, Chelsea NYC

          Group show featuring the winners of first online competition 



          Preview of the 12 first pieces of the series; mixed media


HOT STONES (work completed but not presented publicly)

Installation with 2 stones, nickel wire and electricity


2003  SIGN DANCE, WAH Center, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

          30 resin pictures floating in the air of a high-ceiling room + dance performance


2002  SEISMO-GRAPH, WAH Center, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

          40 framed one line drawings powered by movement in commuting situation


1995   CLIMAX, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, Strasbourg, France

          Installation of 2200 sf with 5 large drawings and 2 sculptures which suggest the idea of

          «in-between». Including a performance lasting 30 minutes which brought together 12 dancers,                 actors, musicians and singers


1994  COPY/PASTE, Stimultania Gallery, Strasbourg, France

          20 sculptures to suggest the relationship between a photograph and an object


1992  FIND THE ARROW, Public square, Strasbourg, France

          A playful and ephemeral installation of 30 photographs in a public square


1990  IMAGE/OBJECT, Private studio, Toulouse, France

         16 pieces to show the relationship between the image and the object




1992            Fine Art School, Strasbourg

                    Specialization in graphic design and calligraphy


1990-1991   Fine Art School, Exeter, England

                    Specialization in sculpture and lithographic printing 


1985-1990   Fine Art School, Toulouse, France

                    Diplome National Supérieur d’Enseignement Plastique (DNSEP ) sculpture and                                          painting (equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts)


PROFESSIONAL  ACHIEVEMENTS                                                                                   



• Launching of Fproduct Inc, (furniture, product and industrial design studio)

• Launching of RolPal, Inc (massage instruments for myofascial release techniques)

• Research, Development and Design for several industrial design and architecture firms

• Model making, mold making and art fabrication for advertising/film industries and for artists

• Various exhibitions of designs works



 Assistant of Gaetano Pesce :   - Development of prototypes, uniques pieces

                                                  - Research and experimentation of new materials and techniques



Sculpture Mold making, Casting with polymers and traditional compounds, Model making, 

Stone and wood carving, Fusing glass, 3D Letter and sign, Trophy,

Research and experimentation of new materials and techniques

First projects with new technologies (rapid prototyping, stereolithography, 3D program)

Graphic design: Visual identity, Sign, Calligraphy, Typographic creation, Art direction of a trinational children school handbook for Council of Europe

Museography Design and artwork for traveling exhibition, Model, Sign system, Display furniture, Graphic and relief cartography

Product design: Furnitures and Lamps

Wall painting for public and private spaces

Fine arts sculpture, painting, installation, mixed media 



Realization of limited editions of base-reliefs in resins and polymers, etching and

screen printing for the French artists Armand, César, Sosno, Villeglé.




1998-2020   Contact Improvisation Dance

                    Practice, few performances


1994-1995   Kepler, the necessary language, Strasbourg, France                                                                                    Director : Armand Gatti (duration of the project : 8 months)

                    Assistant of Kung-Fu teacher for the daily physical exercise of the 60 actors


1990-1998   Martial Arts (Kung-Fu)

                    Practice, teaching and group demonstrations


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